Beauty Treatments With Aromatherapy Oils

Personalised Luxury Beauty Treatments

Dee Stanford has over three decades of experience within the beauty industry, creating her own unique combination of 100% natural hand-blended aromatherapy oils. She creates a unique combination of essential oil blends for her extensive menu of treatments at the Jo Hansford hair and beauty salon in Mayfair, London, offering indulgent and relaxing treatments such as aromatherapy, facials and reflexology.



To learn more about Dee’s unique training and 38 years of experience in the industry, take a look at our About page.



Massage Aromatherapy

Dee delivers relaxation and aromatherapy massages of the highest spa quality, using specialist techniques and a personalised blend of aromatherapy oils to relieve tired muscles, improve circulation and restore a sense of calm and peace to your body.
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes


Dee uses a bespoke combination of aromatherapy oils to provide a luxurious facial treatment tailored to your skin type and requirements. Indulge yourself, unwind, and let Dee employ her specialist techniques to improve your muscle tone and circulation.
Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes


By working on specific pressure points in your feet, hands and ears, Dee expertly brings about positive change in your body by improving circulation and thereby enabling the free flow of energy around the body. Returns your body to a state of pure equilibrium and encourages healing.
Duration: 1 hour

Thai Foot Massage

A unique and ancient form of therapeutic healing. Dee combines acupressure, energy balancing and stretching on the lower legs and feet to remove stress from your body by stimulating lymphatic drainage. The treatment also notably improves circulation and boosts the immune system.
Duration: 1 hour

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