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Dee Stanford Beautician

Aromatherapy Oils


Luxury Hand-Blended Oils

Dee Stanford is a beautician/aromatherapist with 38 years of experience in making elegant and therapeutic aromatherapy oils. She uses refined specialist techniques to produce sumptuous hand-blended bath oils, burning oils, body oils and face oils. All our essential oils contain no preservatives, chemicals, or additives. Aromatherapy treats mental and physical illnesses by encouraging deep relaxation and bodily healing through its natural qualities and soothing aromas.

Along with supplying unique hand-blended aromatherapy oils, Dee also offers an impeccable massage aromatherapy, facial and reflexology service from her treatment room at the Jo Hansford salon in Mayfair, London.



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Aromatherapist selling Aromatherapy Oils  and Bath Oils

Bath Oils

Indulge yourself with our deeply aromatic bath oils. These aromatherapy oils create a perfect cocoon of relaxation and sublime aromas, giving you peace and strength by calming the senses. Full of medicinal properties and highly therapeutic for those with a range of physical and mental ailments.

Aromatherapist selling Aromatherapy Oils  and Burning Oils

Burning Oils

Our burning oils selection gives customers the choice between a refreshing, relaxing or uplifting aroma. Contains revitalising natural essential oils such as geranium, ylang, and lemongrass, ridding your home of bad smells and restoring an atmosphere of clarity and happiness.


Aromatherapist selling Aromatherapy Oils  and Body Oils

Body Oils

Give your skin the love it deserves. Our body oils selection addresses a range of personal needs. Their natural properties improve energy, boosts circulation, and lowers stress and anxiety. These aromatherapy oils produce uniquely beautiful aromas and leaves your skin glowing.

Aromatherapist selling Aromatherapy Oils  and Face Oils

Face Oils

Made from natural oils – such as chamomile, rose and patchouli – that help to calm, soothe and nourish all types of skin. Soft, gentle and delightfully elegant, these face oils are ideal for congested skin, rashes, and all other kinds of problematic skin. Perfect for everyday moisturising and can be used by all ages. Contains anti-ageing properties.



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No Animal testing with our Aromatherapy Oils

No Animal Testing

No Preservatives or additives with our Aromatherapy Oils

No Preservatives or Additives


!00% Natural top quality ingredients used in our Aromatherapy Oils

100% Natural
Top Quality Ingredients

All of our Aromatherapy Oils are hand blended

Every Bottle is Hand Blended


I have been a client of Dee for almost 30 years, and was delighted when she produced her own aromatherapy products. I use all of them, which are made from the finest ingredients, and have the most wonderful fragrances. I am never without her face oil, which I use daily, and it accompanies me on my travels. The products make excellent gifts which are always enthusiastically received

Kate Mortimer


Additonal Treatments

Dee has worked as a qualified beautician for several decades and currently practices at the Jo Hansford hair salon in Mayfair.

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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the art of blending naturally extracted essential oils from aromatic plants – lavender, rosemary, chamomile, etc. – to promote health in the mind, body and spirit. Each essential oil possesses its own unique healing properties. The practice has evolved in recent times to incorporate a more holistic approach that encompasses a person’s wider mental and physical wellbeing. Recent research has shown aromatherapy oils to be effective in the areas of mental health, aches and pains, and palliative care.
Take a look at our shop to view the full range of natural, hand-blended aromatherapy oils made by Dee Stanford.

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Dee Stanford is a beautician based in London with 38 years of experience in producing hand-blended aromatherapy oils. All products are of elite quality and are 100% natural, serving as an ideal way for individuals to indulge themselves and destress their mind and body. She also offers a luxury beauty service, supplying personalised aromatherapy, facials and reflexology.

Take a look at Dee’s blog to learn more about her background and techniques behind the production of unique hand-blended aromatherapy oils.

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Indulge yourself or a loved one with Dee Stanford’s fully natural and carefully hand-blended aromatherapy oils, from bath oils to face oils.

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